Digitalization in construction

VDC helps you in unleashing the power of digitalization in Construction

It is known fact that the construction industry is lagging way behind other industries when it comes to efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and standardizing. Consequently, the cost overruns, delays, quality concerns, rework, poor communication and material wastages are quite a commonplace in the construction industry. These problems can be resolved, to the great extent, by leveraging the revolutionary digital technology.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one such digital technology innovation that would change the way the built environment is designed, constructed and operated around the world.

In the past few years, the scope of BIM has evolved from just being 3D visualization model to a concept that can help the industry stakeholders in carrying out 360 degree analysis of construction project even before a single brick is laid on the ground. In the future, BIM holds great value for the facility management in the post construction phase.

To unleash the power of digitalization in the construction Industry with Building Information Modeling (BIM), VDC Technologies was set up. Backed my strong domain expertise, technology prowess and wealth of experience, VDC is geared to lead the much needed technology and the process transformation in the construction industry.

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