Building Developer

BIM has become a tool to create attractive electronic blueprints that are used by the Building Developers in making strategic decisions. The lean building processes that are used nowadays include Building Information Modeling as a part which serves in the areas of project management during execution.

Applying BIM helps the developers to avoid overspending in the projects since the exact quantities of the materials being used are already documented before the start of the project. VDC has handled large construction projects that included the following sectors: residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, to name a few.

BIM helps the developers by achieving a precise execution, improved coordination, and clash free construction. The clients can retrieve any information they want, with ease and improved productivity.

The developers can get the Operation and Management documentations prepared for better operations of the building. The as-built documentation prepared by us helps in resolving the issues during the operation of the building making it easier to manage for the facilities management department.

Quantity takeoffs and estimation are accurate and helps the developer in better allocation of resources. The developers can have a realistic feel of the project at every stage for their better understanding of the same.

Services for Building Developers include but are not limited to:

  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Audit
  • Creation of Design BIM Mode
  • Creation of Execution BIM Model
  • Creation of O&M BIM Model
  • Creation of As-Built BIM model
  • Clash detection and clash resolution
  • COBie Extraction
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM Model
  • 4D project planning
  • 5D quantity estimating and costing
  • Good for construction drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Installation drawings
  • As-Built drawings
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