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What is BIM ?

We define BIM as 3D digital , intelligent object database which represent graphical and non graphical information about the Built Environment – facilitating the effecting and collaborative management of building and infrastructure asset through their life cycle. Unlike 2D CAD, each object is embedded with information about itself and is intelligent enough to understand its relationship with other objects in the database.

Definition as per leading standards:

National BIM Standard – United States™ Version 2

Building Information Modelling is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

PAS 1192–2:2013 (by the British Standards institution )

BIM is a process of designing, constructing or operating a building or infrastructure asset using electronic object oriented information.

BIM is much more than software or technology. It is a new concept or paradigm, involving overhaul of both technology and process that primarily increases collaboration, communication, and transparency among different stakeholders and hence improves the performance of the built environment during different stages – right from concept to deconstruction.

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