Engineers, Architects and BIM

Why it is important for Engineers and Architects to work on your BIM Project?

The true benefits of BIM can be achieved if the "Engineering / Architectural Team" closely monitor the "BIM Team" work flow and provide regular guidance to BIM Technicians. Without the right direction from Engineers/Architects, it is high chance that one would not achieve the full benefits of BIM.

The below mentioned points would reinforce the above point:

  • 3D Coordination - Engineers and Architects can guide BIM technicians on the do's and don'ts while 3D coordination is being done. The 3D coordination can be done in numerous ways - but it requires the mind of Engineers and Architects to reach that coordination (between disciplines) which is practical and cost effective
  • Accurate Quantities – The quantities (and hence cost) of the material on the project can be very well controlled if the 3D Model is prepared correctly and the same gets implemented on the site. The correct 3D modelling would mean using the correctcomponents, material, and sizes – as per agreed specification, andthe design input information. The same can happen only if Engineers and Architects are sitting closely with the BIM Technicians.
  • Issues identification during Modelling process– If the input information to produce/ update BIM model is not correct, the modelling and resulting documents (including drawings) from the model cannot be correct. The engineers and Architectscan identify the issues and guide corrections to the BIM Team. In addition, post modelling/ modelling update, the engineering and design team can also do good 3D visualization of the model and advise further corrections, if any.
  • Quality Project Documentation (Drawings) For better facilitation of work on the site, the review of Engineers and Architects on following aspects of the project documents (drawings) can make a serious difference.
    • a) Accuracy of Information
    • b) Presentation of the information>
    • c) The location of Sections/ Enlarged Views / Details

However, in practice, it has been majorly found that Engineering/ Design team work separately from the BIM unit. There are still certain groups of Engineers and Architects who are not comfortable in adopting BIM and treat BIM as a burden imposed on them.

We at VDC Technologies, ensure that BIM and Engineering / Design team work hand in hand and not in silos.

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